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Salome Moana (1994) is a Swiss singer, composer and producer. 

With her self-produced debut album "Delicate", the young jazz musician presents mainly original compositions as well as arranged standards, which stylistically range in the chamber jazz-pop niche. 

She recorded her debut album with the Salome Moana Band and guests in August 2019, with Patrik Zosso as sound engineer. The album was released in October 2020 on Unit Records.

Salome won the sponsorship award in music 2022 of the Kanton Solothurn.


In June 2017, she has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music in Jazz Singing (minor subject: piano and classical singing) at the Musikhochschule Basel (Jazzcampus). 

In August 2019, she completed her "Master in Music Pedagogy" with excellence, also at the Jazzcampus. There she studied with Efrat Alony, Lisette Spinnler, Jorge Rossy, Larry Grenadier, Adrian Mears and Andy Scherrer.


She was one of 6 winners at SOFIA (Support Of Female Improvising Artists) in March 2018 in Zurich. For the 2020 edition of SOFIA, Salome was hired as a juror. 


In March 2019 Salome traveled to New York and Boston for an intensive musical stay where she took singing lessons with Theo Bleckmann, Jeannie Lovetri, Thana Alexa and Jay Clayton. During her stay in New York the singer worked on compositions for her first album.


Salome Moana works as a vocal teacher and choir conductor.

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